Casting a Vote in a Time of Civil Unrest, Climate Crisis and Social Inequality


As we find ourselves on the brink of a historically momentous election, the general consensus around the importance of participating and voting this year can be heard echoing throughout the nation. Social media has found a new purpose in making education and voter resources available to the masses, influencers are encouraging their audience to make their voices heard at the polls, and businesses, companies and organizations alike are finding unique ways to convene in a virtual space to discuss the ramifications of our votes and the need for the U.S. to collectively work towards racial, social and climate justice. We’re sharing some of our top voting, discussion resources and events below.

Pac-12 Team Green is convening in the digital space once again on October 29, 2020 for its virtual event “Amplifying Voices for Change,” where speakers will discuss social justice, anti-racism, mental health and so much more. The Pac-12, its student-athletes, coaches, staff and member universities are committed to promoting social justice.Though sporting activities have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pac-12 continues to make the most of the situation by allocating time to address these important issues and working among all 12 universities to promote change by educating and preparing students and future leaders to be involved not only this year, but moving forward.

Vote411 is a great voter resource sharing all the election information you need to be the most well-prepared voter. With personalized voting information for every state you can see what’s on your ballot, deadlines, find local polling locations, check your voter registration and so much more.

Every Vote Counts is a student-led, nonpartisan organization committed to ensuring that the ideals of our representative democracy are fully and fairly reflected in our federal, state, and local systems of voting. On October 29th Every Vote Counts: A Celebration of Democracy will convene virtually at 9pm EST. The purpose for this special is to remind and inspire all Americans of the power of their voice and their vote. It’s a challenging time but we have the opportunity to continue to show up and shape the world we want to live in. In a democracy, every vote counts, so we want to encourage and uplift each other and remember we all have a say in the direction of our country because everyone’s participation matters.

While voting in this year’s election is critical for the earth, for marginalized people and for the future of democracy, there is still much to tackle as American’s grapple with worker exploitation under a capitalist economy, the return of land ownership to its indigenous people and the systems at play that cater to and continue a system racial inequality. While we all can and should recognize that voting is just the first step of many to work towards a more just, equitous and thriving nation, we must never forget that there is more work to be done after the polls close.

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