Social Enterprises on Navigating the Virtual Migration


It’s safe to say that when the clock struck midnight January 1st, no one could have predicted what was to come for the 2020 year. The impact of COVID-19, the powerful presence of the BLM movement, and tensions of the looming election have certainly impacted everyone on various levels. At Social Enterprises, we’ve been forced to reflect on the plans we had for the year, and adjust accordingly to navigate this “new normal,” which for us, has looked a lot like jumping into the digital space and finding impactful ways to take our events virtual. You can see a full breakdown of our virtual services here.

Our first virtual endeavor was a virtual fundraising event for Portland’s EcoSchool Network. After the in-person fundraiser had to be postponed, we worked with EchoSchool Network on putting together a virtual alternative bringing together guest speaker Kim Stafford, Oregon’s Poet Laureate, and student voices of hope and empowerment. The event ended with a paddle raise, and all together the fundraiser was a huge success raising $50,000 while empowering student and parent change-makers who are propelling the region toward a better future.


Last month, we dove further into the virtual events world with great success at the Pac-12 Team Green Virtual Event Series. We were thrilled to have been able to engage in an open dialogue with leaders who are using their platforms to pave the way for discussions on climate change, sustainability, civil rights and equality. Hearing from student athletes, Pac-12 head coaches, and thought leaders in the sustainability field, the conversations that were held encouraged us all to re-evaluate our thoughts, biases and actions as we navigate our way through the world while facing three large pandemics: COVID-19, systemic racism and climate change. The event recording can be accessed here for everyone!

As we carry on further into 2020, we are continuing to navigate a constantly changing world. The Green Transportation Summit & Expo will be moving their 2020 program content to a digital space with 1-2 monthly webinars. Keep an eye out for regular updates and details on the webinars here. 


The GoGreen Conference – Seattle will be taking the entirety of it’s program to the digital space as well. September 8th-9th there will be live broadcast and curated content accessible to virtual ticket holders, with access to all the materials discussions and presentations through the event software. “While we always look forward to the opportunity to gather community and business leaders in-person for our annual conference, we are thrilled to be able to offer the same impactful programming on a virtual platform,” said GoGreen Founder and President Ericka Nelson. “With this new two-day virtual format, GoGreen Conference will now be more accessible than ever before. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to reach more people with our program content and at the same time eliminate the carbon footprint of this year’s event.” For ten years, the GoGreen Conference has been the ultimate sustainability learning experience for business and public sector decision-makers in the Pacific Northwest. The 2020 conference program content is set and will remain the same, featuring cutting edge content and learning from recognized leaders from the community

With the prevalence of the virtual space so many of us are now living and working in now, at Social Enterprises we are looking to the future. For now that future seems to include a lot of virtual interfaces, but we are so excited to gather with our communities once again for in-person events. Until then we hope everyone is doing their best to stay healthy during these unprecedented times. 

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