Community Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all watched as the uncertainty around us grows. Families have faced hardship, countless individuals have struggled with losing jobs, businesses have opened and closed their doors, but amid the presence of all this ambiguity we have been encouraged again and again by all the local organizations, businesses and individuals we see offering aid in their communities. This month, we thought we would share a few we would like to highlight:


Our parent company, Social Enterprises, is a Certified B Corporation and we’re reminded that our work toward an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all has never been more important. B Corporation has put together a list of Business and Worker Resources to help navigate this challenging time. You can view it here.


The Rose Quarter put together this comprehensive list of organizations in our community providing food, mental health services, and activities for kids. The list is regularly updated, and they’re always accepting submissions of organizations or services you think should be included.


Portland’s Nossa Familia Coffee implemented the Nossa Cares giveback program this month. Through the program, Nossa Familia has partnered with p:ear, an organization located in downtown Portland dedicated to creatively mentoring homeless youth. During the crisis, p:ear has served thousands of meals to the Portland homeless community and through the Nossa Cares Giveback Program, they are making sure for every pound of Delicia sold, they will donate a pound to p:ear.


For food services, pantries and food assistance sites throughout the state are still open with precautions in place to help minimize contact among groups of people. The Oregon Food Bank’s Food Finder has a map of local pantries that are providing groceries, meals, produce and other free food services.


Shine Distillery made a splash in headlines everywhere when they transitioned to use their excess alcohol to make hand sanitizer. They took it a step further, by making it available to everyone. Need a few ounces? Stop by their store front and they will give it to you as long as they have some bottles. Need more? The sanitizer is priced per ounce for everyone who wishes to purchase a little extra.


howtotalkIn their new book How to Talk to the Other Side – Finding Common Ground in a Time of Coronavirus, Recession, and Climate Change, authors Kevin Wilhelm and Natalie Hoffman provide guidance on how to engage with others by showing patience, kindness and empathy — regardless of political affiliation or beliefs. Interviewed in the book is Social Enterprises’ own founder, Ericka Dickey-Nelson, speaking on her business model.  

“We have to allow space to not only showcase those businesses who are walking the talk but also those who are turning the ship around.”

Kevin Wilhelm will be speaking at GoGreen Conference in Seattle this September. Consider joining us! 


This is far from a comprehensive list of what Oregon businesses are doing to aid during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are so grateful to all the businesses and individuals in our community who are taking this opportunity to use their platform for good, to offer assistance to those in need, and to helping our communities continue to thrive even in the face of adversity. 


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