Digging Into the Force Behind the GoGreen Conference Series


Ericka_AboutWho is Social Enterprises, and what do you do? We are asked that question quite often in our line of work. Our founder & principal Ericka Dickey-Nelson had the opportunity to have a radio interview with Mrs. Greens World to discuss who we are as an organization and why we love doing it!

Ericka is the founding force behind Social Enterprises, Inc. — a full-service event planning firm specializing in conferences and summits with a sustainability or social impact focus. Working from a passion for bringing people together around ideas that will shape the future, she has built a formidable expertise in executing events that drive revenue to support the growth and continued success of non-profits, government programs, and educational institutions. In 2008, Ericka co-founded the GoGreen Conference series in Portland with the intent of holding a much needed dialogue on how regional stakeholders can collaborate to create sustainable economies at scale through the adoption of green business solutions at their own organizations. The series has since expanded and is now also held annually in Seattle, Phoenix and New York City.

Mrs.GreensWorldListen to the full radio show here:

GoGreen Conferences – the force behind the idea!

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