Thru The Roof: Ecoroof Portland 2010


Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s no surprise to those of us who call Portland home—the Rose City is one of the greenest cities in the United States from the vegetables growing on our urban farms to the ecoroofs that grace our highrises, chicken coops and garage roofs. One of our big assets is a city government that strongly believes in supporting green initiatives in Portland—evidenced by the annual Ecoroof Portland fair that happened a few weeks back at the Leftbank Project.

The City of Portland Bureau For Environmental Services stepped up to the plate again this year to educate Portlanders on the benefits of ecoroofs. They brought in heavy hitters from the greenroof and ecoroof communities, experienced local vendors, esteemed researchers and climate experts—all of whom inspired and energized the hundreds of citizens who packed the Leftbank Annex Friday March 12 and Saturday March 13.

We wanted to share some of the experience with you, including a video of Mayor Sam Adams (to whom the gauntlet’s been thrown down to convert his garage roof into an ecoroof) and photos of the fun!

Some resources to check out if you’re interested in learning more about local/international ecoroof projects, how to get one on your home or business and the City of Portland’s Ecoroof grant program.

  • Run by Ecoroof Portland 2010 speaker Linda Velazquez, is the industry’s top website for the latest on greenroofs and ecoroofs. They have a bevy of resources, project case studies, a compelling blog and photos of greenroofs all over the world.
  • Portland BES Ecoroof Website: The City of Portland’s local resource for information on ecoroof related events, their grant program, local projects, local ecoroof tours and information on what an ecoroof can do for you.
  • Greenroof Plants: Ecoroof Portland 2010 speaker, 5th generation nurseryman and farmer, plus ecoroof expert Ed Snodgrass’s website for the greenroof project at his farm, Emory Knoll. Also has more information on how to purchase the book he and his wife Lucie co-authored, Green Roof Plants.
  • Green Building Research Center: Portland State’s research facility for green buildings, of which Ecoroof Portland 2010 speaker Dr. David J. Sailor is the director. If you’re interested in the latest on sustainable architecture + structural engineering, this is a great resource.

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