Obo Addy’s Circle of Life is Filled With Rhythm + Soul For Humanity

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World renowned Ghanaian drummer, Obo Addy, can tell you a little (OK, a lot!) about the power of music. In his native Ghanaian culture, music holds a sacred place in all of life’s events. More importantly to note, there is always purpose behind the choice of song, rhythm or dance. They say that music is the “Universal Language” because it can convey the spirit of a moment to any who will lend an ear. With that in mind, think of what we learn about our fellow human beings by listening to their song, taking on its emotional graces and opening our minds to life experiences that are vastly different than our own.

If we apply that knowledge to our world view, the picture quickly becomes intensely more vibrant. We have to live and act with intent. No longer can we run our businesses or make our products with only profit in mind. Even when grocery shopping, we have to look at where our food comes from, what went into it and whether the community who grew it is getting a fair shake. We have to look at the whole picture, just as a drum master would look at his/her ensemble. Each instrument serves an important role and the well being of the whole is entirely dependent on the well being of each individual—otherwise the song will never sound as sweet as it should. Unfortunately, there are many communities on our planet whose songs are not being sung. They are struggling to survive and humanity isn’t thriving as a result. Each little thing we do should serve a cause and set up a positive result—whether it’s a spectacular drum solo or a young girl finishing school—healthy, happy and on her way to success in life.

So when we see an organization like Africa Bridge working in the world, providing holistic, positive change for entire communities in Tanzania, we have to believe that the power of music, the power of change and the power of the human element is strong in the world. Now it’s up to us to spread the word. Maybe our contribution won’t be as grand as Obo Addy’s stellar global performances that expose thousands to new sounds and soul, but it still counts toward a more prosperous and healthy humankind.

The Obo Addy Drummers and Dancers will be performing at the Africa Bridge Harvest Gala, August 29, 2009 at Nelson Farms on Sauvie Island. It’s going to be a night of amazing music and you’ll get to hear the inspiring story behind the work being done by Africa Bridge in Tanzania. To join us at the Africa Bridge Harvest Gala register online at: http://www.africabridgegala.com/event_registration or call 503.226.2377.

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