Blooming w/Opportunity: Oregon Ballet Theater & Bouquet of Hope

OBT's Performance of Swan Lake

OBT's Performance of Swan Lake

What do a ballet company and a women’s shelter have in common? On the surface—not much. One is filled with children & accomplished dancers striving for perfection; the other provides a place for abused and/or homeless women & children to survive in safety and begin the process of personal healing.

Yet they both are motivated by the same thing: The daily quest for something better. Whether it’s a better life or a better tour jeté, they all struggle & endure in their pursuit—and that quest is something that Christopher Stowell , artistic director of Oregon Ballet Theater (OBT), calls beautiful. We couldn’t agree more.

In that quest, those involved with Rose Haven work tirelessly to provide social services resources, medical care, abuse and psychological counseling and addiction services to women in need in the Portland area. They offer women the opportunity to thrive and bloom in a safe and nurturing environment. That is what OBT gives to its dancers and the Portland community as well, through an experience with the art of ballet—the chance to grow. So while OBT and Rose Haven are unlikely partners on paper, in reality, they are a dynamic combination. These are two organizations that understand the power of opportunity. That’s why we are so excited to have Oregon Ballet Theater performing at the Bouquet of Hope Gala, benefitting Rose Haven. The beautiful ballerinas and handsome danseurs will be a tangible, visual symbol of the deeper beauty found in the quest for something better by the dancers and the 100+ women and children that Rose Haven helps every week.

We hope you will join us for this amazing event! In addition to a spectacular performance by OBT, the internationally acclaimed violinist Aaron Meyer will also be present to thrill our attendees with an intimate concert amidst the decadent floral designs from Portland’s finest floral artists and scrumptious delights by Artemis Catering at LUXE Autohaus.

benefit for Rose Haven

WHEN:   5pm, Saturday, May 9th

WHERE:   LUXE Autohaus

410 NE 17th Avenue

TICKETS:   $65 per person

$600 per table (seats 10)


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