A Floral Affair


While out strolling through our neighborhood today, we were captivated by an extraordinary site. All the trees, shrubs and gardens in our neighborhood were budding. Thing is, they have been budding for some time now. We’ve just been too busy to notice. Too busy! Certainly there is no prettier time in Portland. While we’re busy working, shopping, kid-shuffling and errand-hopping, there are flowers budding out there. Flowers budding!

As we pondered our misfortunate state of oblivion, we began to gather some of the budding flowers on the tree limbs arching overhead. The resultant bouquet was as pretty as any market-fresh variety we could have purchased. And of course it made us think about the Bouquet of Hope benefit for Portland women’s center, Rose Haven.

As the set of the Fete de la Fleur (a showcase of freshcuts by local floral designers!), the Bouquet of Hope on Saturday, May 9th will have a remarkably grand floral presence. The best part is that the event combines all the perfect elements for an affair done right. Passed hors d’eouvres, seated dinner by Artemis Foods, silent auction, double performances featuring the School of Oregon Ballet Theatre and renowned Internationally-acclaimed violinist Aaron Meyer

PLUS cocktails, cake by Karren’s Cake and a flower-filled ambiance… it’s just one of those events you look forward to all year. Invite Mom as a special treat during Mother’s Day weekend. Brunch is so last year (and the year before, and the year before that, and…).


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