Local Love at SHOP/09


What a great day today amidst Portland’s shakers at SHOP Symposium put on by CRAVE Portland and Social Enterprises. Portland-based national success story Lisa Johnson kicked off the day with her inspirational four quadrants of the Free Agent Formula. Mindee Doney + Ryan Christensen stole the show at Start-Up Stars, sharing the success of their thriving companies in today’s economy. We loved the advice + stunning hand-made suit by Moderator Alice Dobson at Survival 101 – Revamp & Recharge in 2009. Amy Pearl at Springboard Innovation is doing amazing things to change the world. Mark Hayes of Flowerbud.com was back and stole the show yet again as a featured speaker at the Marketing Masters panel. Tarran Pitschka of Wicked Quick told local retailers how to get into Nordstrom and how to “be your brand” (nice pick up by Jon Cusack!). To wrap up the day, the Social Networking panel could have gone on for hours with an enthralled audience, thanks to Kent Lewis of Anvil Media + Dina Nishioka from Provenance Hotels (Lucia, delux, Max, Murano and Preston). Great examples of how to maximize social media for your company. Check out Kent’s articles on social media here. Reporter and blogger Michelle Rafter posts her great social media resources here. Thank you business leaders of Portland for making SHOP/09 a great experience!

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