Free Money?


SHOP/09-ers will be excited to hear that Dana DeKlyen, head of the Portland Development Commission, will join the mix of speakers on board for Monday’s all-day SHOP Symposium next week. Speaking on a financial panel with three others, Dana will share all the details in the newly revised Storefront Improvement Plan, which gives — wait for it — free money to local retailers.

Did we say “free money”? Yep, we sure did. Through the just-revised plan, the PDC will now match up to 75% of costs associated with “beautifying” measures that could improve the vitality of neighborhood businesses. The catch? It is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to get an edge on your competition, we’re willing to bet face-time with Dana will do you well.

SHOP/09 attendees will also want to hear what Harry DeWolf from the U.S. Small Business Administration has to say about loans. He’ll recap the changes made to Obama’s measures in the 2009 Recovery Act, just revised last week to have great affect on Portland independents. Of course, this is just financial stuff. Then there are marketing strategies, hints from the media on how to get press, 15-minute business strategy makeovers… a fountain of wisdom, let us tell you.

p.s. SHOP/09 registration is still open. Visit us online or call 503.226.2377 to register.

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