Saving Face


We have this friend who is starting a new business, and we’re trying to help her coin some fresh verbiage. It’s hard. Why does the pressure point seem so different, when it’s not your own venture?

Moreover, when did freetime become a thing of the past? We don’t have time to do the research, nor money to meet the experts. All we can do is put some words on paper, quote a couple of good websites and tell her, “Good luck.”

Right after we told her our sched was too full to donate a simple hour of our time, we dropped news of SHOP/09. It was brilliant. Here, she will hear from all the smartest small biz masters in Portland. Here, she will find Kent Lewis of Anvil Media and pdxMindShare speaking about “Must-Have Strategies for the New Economy” with Howard Jacobs, President of Provenance Hotels. Here, she will find Small Business Advisory Chair, Jackie Babicky speaking on panel with local on-the-rise retailers on how to “Revive ROI”.

We can’t think of a better scenario: smart biz tip + saving face!

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