Entrepreneurs “R” Us


Just this morning, we went to the monthly Coffee & Issues forum at the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs, and we were impressed. Held every last Friday of the month, this was one of those uber-productive networking functions where guests receive introductions from every last single person in the room — in this case, about 100 folks (all smiles at 7:00 in the a.m., btw).

Besides this, we enjoyed a very entertaining commentary by the the witty (and fashionable, in his bright tie and fancy vest) Mr. Sam Brooks, OAME Chairman and President. But what strikes us most about this format is the sheer brilliance. Post-meeting, we knew exactly who we wanted to rub shoulders with, as did everyone else, and we all ended up in our prospective places, shaking hands with the right people amid pastries and coffee.

Unbeknown to us, our very own SHOP/09 speaker, Harry DeWolf, District Director of the Portland Small Business Administration, held primo spot on the morning’s agenda. His topic: Access to capital for small businesses in hard times — a SHOP/09-esque topic, no doubt. The place was all-ears and the whole operation, from start to finish, was so professionally conducted that we are adding it to our personal monthly calendar for keeps. We suggest you add it to your own calendar — in addition to the SHOP Symposium on Monday, April 6th, of course.

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