Yes We Can


We are not bumper sticker kind of people. We like to state our beliefs out loud, in person – or electronically, as modern times have come to insist. But if ever we were to glue one such sticker on the tail of our super chic Subie, we hope we would be very mindful of what went there. Not because of its political stature, but because of its ubiquitous indication, we must admit that we do favor the “Yes We Can”.

Even more appealing is a hybrid of the “Yes We Can” melded with the sugar-sweet Oregon symbol with a petite green heart. Just think of the implications of that: Yes We Can Save/Love/Support Oregon.

During a time when money is tight and local small businesses are falling off the ticker, it is time for change. The 35 speakers behind SHOP Symposium are happy to supply a forum for change. When these 35 entrepreneurs and industry insiders gather on Monday, April 6th for the SHOP Symposium, they aren’t doing it for themselves. They’re doing it to encourage and inspire, to share advice about boosting business. What could be a better catalyst for change?

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