Home of the Small Business


We just lost another small biz. Urban Wineworks in NW Portland shut its doors, following a trend that has already claimed some of our finest independent boutiques, like the style-savvy Bee & Thistle and cheekyb – not to mention local mini-mega, Joe’s Sports, who filed for bankruptcy in early March.

Nonetheless, we are staying positive. After all, Portland is home of the small business. It’s our thing, and if any city can self-support itself, we can. That’s why we are proud to present the second annual SHOP Symposium, taking part on Monday, April 6th. With 35 of Portland’s top business leaders, SHOP/09 is a place where small biz owners and independent consultants can get advice from folks who’ve been in their shoes.

SHOP/09 isn’t just another conference; it’s a discussion, a Q & A, a chance to grill 35 trusted sources who are thriving in their  fields.

Maybe you’re looking for some business strategies from pros who are climbing upward, despite the downward trend. Maybe you’re looking for tips to launch your dream start-up (hear from Sameunderneath Founder Ryan Christensen), or how to accelerate growth from former Fortune 500 HR exec and Emergent Founder, Curt Mudd. Maybe you just want to see into the eyes of The Oregonian’s retail reporter, Laura Gunderson, and learn how to get the media’s attention from Jen Scott of Maxwell PR. The point is, you can find all of it – yes, all of it – under one roof. One day only: Monday, April 6th, 8:30am-4:00pm.

Save when you register two or more – just $75 (includes lunch by Art Bar).

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