Coffee + Beer = Water?


It occurred to us recently that our water ingestion has for the most part come from alternate sources. Namely, beer and coffee. Along with the nine-to-five comes the regularity of drinking good, Portland-made java in the a.m. and a cold microbrew in the eve (just one, honest). At this point, it’s habit. But we’ve come to realize that we need our water! We need to hydrate. That isn’t to say we’ll be swapping out our regular cup of joe; we just have to get on the every-other plan.

With the World Water Day coming up, we plan on reviving the value of water in our life. Whether that means appreciating its role in such key beverages as coffee and beer or paying homage to the millions who must gather water from sources far from their abode, we want to stay rooted in awareness.

What’s more, Portland Roasting Coffee Company (founding sponsor of World Water Day) and Laurelwood Brewpub will bring out their fine combo – Espresso Stout made with Portland Roasting coffee! – on Sunday, March 22nd during the World Water Day Concert Series in the World Trade Center Auditorium. With special performances by Stephanie Schneiderman, the Pete Krebs Trio and The Redeemed, we guests will also enjoy tasty hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine and coffee (all included!) just outside the auditorium, near the full glass skyway (overlooking downtown & the well-lit waterfront).

It’s amazing to think we can support water awareness with coffee, beer, food and music. Even better, all proceeds go to Water For All, providing clean drinking water to an African community in need. Money well spent!

Please join us. We can’t walk this road alone. Well, we could. But how would we make that big, citywide SPLASH?

p.s. Read more about this yummy Portland Roasting-Laurelwood Espresso Stout, as told by PDX 49’s Chloe Howser

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