Water Blogged


With the World Water Day coming up, we have come to value water at a whole new level. We’re considerate when we brush and bathe, and have even started hand-washing dishes to conserve.

We’ve also become freakishly annoyed by bottled water. Maybe it has something to do with our recent stalking of the Portland Water Bureau’s water blog, full of water fun facts and updates concerning our city’s supply.

In fact, we are so obsessed that a recent post led us to contact them, in hopes of scoring some sweet PWB stickers, apparently in high demand. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, we mean PWB‘s signature “I Only Drink Tap Water” stickers. And get this, we didn’t just get some stickers, we got some temp tattoos, too. And we seriously heart them!

But now that we flaunt them, we know we have to represent. That means saying “no” to bottled water. And friends, we never realized how hard this would be! While we hate – and we mean, truly hate – the idea of these plastic bottles piling up in millions, there are times when we just can’t say no. (We like to call it a situational weakness.) BUT, and we do emphasize the but here, knowing and caring is at least half the battle, and when we have the choice of one over the other, it is always, always tap water. Phew. Conscience cleared.

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