Be a “We”


From the city-splitting Willamette River to the iconic copper Benson Bubblers dispersed citywide, Portland no doubt has an abundance of fresh water. But we overlook our fortune; we get in a zone and we take it for granted. We get used to pulling water from the tap—sans Brita filter, no less—and filling our bathtubs with a simple turn of the knob. But shame of all shame, we forget there are people without.

But we want to remember. And World Water Day was created, in part, for this. Because, even though our simple geographical blessings are miles long, there is a bigger world – and we want to be part of it. We, Portlanders are a collective, a team, a “we”. And when we join hands with our neighbors, we can make a difference.

On Sunday, March 22, we invite you to be a “we” with us, to band together as a community, to draw up blueprints for change and, if nothing else, to celebrate our natural resources, our pristine rivers, and our perfectly priceless tap water.

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